Sunday, February 5

Author: agustinbrantley


Spirulina Superfood – The origin of the Extremely popular Dietary Supplement Nowadays

Spirulina is a species of blue green algae belonging to the genus Arthrospira. Thriving in hot and basic fresh water, Spirulina is basically a single celled cyanobacterium with a spiral and twisted strand bodily form, thus its title. Originating from the Latin word for little spiral or perhaps helix, Spirulina has turned into a popular dietary supplement for health and fitness buffs. It's today being dubbed as a "superfood" as it contains a wide array of essential nutrients such as supplements and proteins for the all around health of the human body. Nevertheless, even with its gaining popularity, lots of people continue to question themselves, "what is Spirulina?" To respond to this query, this write-up will supply an overall explanation of the blue green algae and also a brief introducti...