Saturday, February 4

Author: alfonsoestrella


Top Ten Saddle Fitting Myths

The web is chock full of information, but sometimes it could be frustrating not knowing what's real and what's not. Myths are many in the location of saddle fitting, and we sort through these myths with the customers of ours on a daily basis. These myths can lead to frustration as well as cost you cash, so be careful of the following:Myth #1: One size fits all.Quite a number of times per week we find ourselves explaining that one size saddle doesn't fit all horses. This seems like basic information, but for a first-time horse owner, it may be baffling to see that not only do saddles come with various seat sizes for you, but additionally likewise come with various tree sizes for the horse of yours. We attempted to create a straightforward way for buyers to measure the horses of theirs to fi...