Thursday, March 30

Author: alvabrookshire


Supplement Scams for Weight Loss

Diet pills are a joke. There are no weight loss supplements available that help you shed weight, burn fat, or tone the body of yours.Lately, my #1 client hit me with an email asking, "What do you think of a product called _____?" (Name removed to safeguard the useless!)At this point _____ is a popular "fat burner", but I wish to tell you, I don't think a lot of it (or some fat loss burner product, for that matter).Nearly every weight burner in the marketplace is a glorified caffeine pill. And there actually is not one item on the market with a well done, scientific study supporting it's use.As I told my client, "You understand the tricks, bro: Work that is hard, done accurately, and the right nutrition. That's all it takes to obtain the body you want" (which he has way too, going from 210 ...