Monday, January 30

Author: benjamincrompton


The “New Rules” of Fitness

Everyone knows what Fitness means right? Fitness is going to be Cut aka being Defined, aka Getting in good shape aka Getting Shredded aka Getting Jacked aka Getting Ripped (not in a drunken sense).FitnessFitness, as something that we need to go for physically to improve the visual look of ours, and by virtue our inner roles and all around health, is a fairly recent concept. Here in the United States, circa the 17th 19th centuries, our country was an agricultural country, with the vast majority of its residents concerned in farming. Most everyone worked hard on the farms, and thus most everybody was in fit or shape in a way or another.The relatively recent societal technological innovations have served to make us a society where convenience and expedience stands out as the norm; the rapid a...