Monday, May 29

Author: coyphelan292926


Is Caffeine Necessary for Fat loss?

With the explosion today of 4hour+energyshots which contain minimal caffeine, I challenge the importance of caffeine in fat reduction products as well as energy drugs in most cases. One significant issue is that there are so many energy sources of caffeine in the diet, chocolate, including coffee, soda pop (diet and regular) and here just above each dietary supplement. Most pre-workout NO products contain some type of caffeine. Several unscrupulous supplement companies are disguising caffeine as simple "Xanthines" or maybe "Methyl Xanthines" as a means to disguise the use of caffeine in their supplement. Things like Chocolate extract and "Chocamine" are mostly comprised of caffeine and the derivatives of its. Finally herbal extracts like Certain tea extracts and guarana like Mate are emplo...