Wednesday, February 8

Author: dwainbanfield72


Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

We enjoy breakfast smoothies most of the year around. Perhaps even if you don't have frozen fruit you can really produce healthy smoothies for breakfast or some other time of day.Breakfast smoothies are a fantastic way to start the morning however I find that if they are a fruit smoothie, I am hungry within an hour, alpilean weight loss thus I love to add some protein to the breakfast smoothies of mine. With a few tweaks to the typical smoothie, you are able to have a hearty and healthy breakfast in minutes.A note about protein. It is ideal to get the day with a great protein. I usually have 2 organic eggs in addition to a a breakfast smoothie. People generally underestimate the amount of protein they truly need to maintain their energy and wellness.Our Favorite (Healthy!) Breakfast Smoot...