Thursday, February 2

Author: frangrunwald


Is Coconut Oil The Ultimate Fat Burner For Losing weight?

When I was operating in the health industry, the amount of individuals that would ask me about body fat blocking and fat loss solutions was incredible (think high caffeine and guarana). They generally speed up your metabolism which is going to come with longer term unwanted side effects. The reason for this is that they raise your heart rate which will end up raising cortisol levels. If you understand anything about cortisol then you are going to understand this prompts the body to hold on to excess fat (hint: I feel this's exactly why stressed individuals battle to loose weight).WHY COCONUT OIL FOR Weight reduction?Without trying to be technical, coconut oil is a saturated fatty acid which is predominately a MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides). This's totally different to the majority of...