Saturday, February 4

Author: gabriellamcgough


Losing weight – 5 Sure Fire Ways to be able to Lose Pounds

Tip # 1: The Big Event-Take 5 pounds off please.Cleansing is one of the best ways to drop 5 pounds fast. You will not only drop those 5 pounds for your class reunion, or perhaps event that is large, you are going to do it in a safe healthy way. I personally do a cleanse every three months to reboot the body of mine. The week before your event, skip the breads as well as pastas, eat a lot of raw veggies and salads, and drink a minimum of 8 ounce glasses of water a day. The energy of yours will be through the roof and you will be looking slim and trim.Tip # 2: Lose Weight without dieting! Is this true?Simply this week alone I went from 151 lbs. to 146 lbs. and this was a lot easier than you think. I didn't change my diet but I turned up the training routine of mine. High intensity interval t...