Tuesday, January 31

Author: geribardolph8


Golf Fitness – Does Better Golf Fitness Equal Longer Drives for Duffers?

The experience of mine with golf informs me that, indeed, better fitness is going to lead to longer drives and more games. It's a fact with not merely golf however with most games, the more you train, work and play out, the better is your physical fitness and endurance to play.Actual day players as well as the pro golfers are going to tell you how important conditioning is to increasing the years of theirs in the game. If you wish to get farther and strike harder you need to have power, stamina, strength as well as general physical fitness. In relation to golf you need to strike hard and drive much longer so as to reach to the target opening in fewer strokes.I had problems in my drives and stroke when I was new to the game. Today after several years of experience in the game I am going to ...