Monday, January 30

Author: hnjtimmy7405


Kick Junk food to the Curb

Regardless of what the experts as well as nutritionists say, we like to overeat on pizzas, chips, french fries, and burgers. A lot of people would even eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The good news is for most of us the health of ours, and the wallets of ours, don't allow us to do so.Everything has a good and bad side, and junk food is no exception. Although it tastes delicious, it is able to have a bad impact on your overall health if the consumption is not controlled. For those who are whose lunch comprises of a burger or pizza everyday, sit up and get notice:* Heart Disease - This is possibly the most harmful aspect of regularly eating unhealthy foods. Plaque forms in the heart as well as the arteries has to keep working harder to pump blood. The plaque leads to myocardial infa...