Sunday, February 5

Author: jacquietroedel


The street To Fitness

For most of us, choosing to be fit is much more a test of will than a one time choice. Being "fit" covers a change in our lifestyle much more than just embarking upon a new diet or exercise program. For me, the selection came about 15 years ago. I was aproximatelly twenty four years old when buddies of mine convinced me to start heading to the gym as a group. During that time, I knew I did not actually like the way I looked, hence I thought it would be a great idea. Exactly how tough could it be? Well, it did not take long before I knew the answer to that question. And to tell you the truth, at that time the workouts of mine were not that tough. But getting up at 5am to be at the gym by 5:30, certainly was, Also, since there were four of us and simply 1 actually understood what he was work...