Thursday, January 26

Author: joliek3415


Launch to JIC Fittings

Introduction:JIC Fitting is a selection of hydraulic fittings that's made in accordance to the SAE J514 requirements. The acronym JIC stands for Joint Industry Council. It's also known as the JIC thirty seven degrees flare fitting since it has a 37 degrees flare seating surface. These fittings are used on oil hydraulic systems in fields that are several (gas delivery, etc...), mobile hydraulic equipment, shipbuilding, fuel power program. A JIC fitting structure has three segments that create a tubing assembly: fitting, flare nut, and sleeve.Material:Materials used-to fabricate JIC fittings include carbon steel as well as stainless-steel SS316L.Sizes:JIC frame and flare nut are available in exterior diameter ("OD) sizes between 1/8" to one 2". Sleeve has two distinct reading measurements, m...