Friday, June 9

Author: juliexul44


Weight Loss Resistance

Weight loss resistance is a huge problem in our country. Primarily because, who would not like losing a couple of extra pounds? America is fat, and we all know it. (Why do you feel various other countries laugh at us?)I have had a minimum of 5 consultations just this week with females who couldn't lose weight fast intermittent fasting (this) some weight regardless of what they tried. Diets, work outs, hanging upside down, you name it nothing has worked. Though they were lacking the the one easy step. however, it is the most challenging.We have to put people into 2 categories. Sugar-burners vs. Fat-burners. Most of you reading this are sugar burners so let's begin there. In order to shed pounds we must normalize our insulin levels, which is the hormone the body of ours produces to pull suga...