Thursday, March 30

Author: marianjarrell5


Dispelling Common Diet And Food Myths

The way to lose fat is simple; consume less and exercise more. However for many the greater amount of information surrounding food and dieting is usually conflicting as well as confusing; are carbohydrates all bad, and which fats are good fats? With the amount of diet programs available it is usually hard to chose which is perfect for you: Atkins, low carb, low fat, Weight Watchers, South Seas, High GI - the list is endless. But for numerous men and women the way to lose weight is to eat better and smarter, not through crash dieting. In this way you may find that you can have the food items you crave and losing a few pounds. Thus , here are several common food and diet myths which can be laid to rest:MYTH: Diets don't work.Diet plans don't workShould you eat less calories you will lose wei...