Thursday, March 30

Author: mathewhayden


How to select Best Solenoid Valves ? (Step-by-Step)

Solenoid Valves   Introduction:   Solenoid Valves are a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Pass the current into the armature coil to create an electromagnetic field in linear motion. When the solenoid is activated, the Solenoid valve controls the flow of electricity in hydraulic and pneumatic valve systems under control.   Types Of Solenoid Valves:   There are two types of Solenoid Valves used for all major Applications. Direct-acting Solenoid valves   Pilot opened Solenoid valves   Direct-acting Solenoid valves :   This system's main valve opens and closes when the solenoid operation is enabled. When passing the current into the coil produces current, based on the requirement, particul...