Monday, February 6

Author: meridithteakle


The truth About Weight Loss Foods and Macronutrients Revealed

Weight loss is extremely exaggerated today in terms of what to eat and which diet to adhere to. Conventional diet plans are recommended to starve the body and compel you to consume less food. The 80's saw a good deal of such diets that focused on starving the body. Ironically, bodybuilding professionals employed these diet programs to lean down and therefore melt every last ounce of fat on their body. But, it is extremely hard to keep body fat off and maintain it with that kind of diets. Yet another kind of diet plan which came into prominence later was weight loss foods, high fiber foods and low fat foods.The simple truth about these diets and the reason they don't work is usually that as soon as any food is processed it loses its nutrient density. In case one gram of protein has 4 calori...