Monday, February 6

Author: savannahshillito


Slipcovers: Relax Fit, Form Fit, Or Throw

You will find three main styles of furniture slipcovers now. You are able to choose between the Relax Fit, Form Fit slipcover, or a furniture chuck. What's the impact you might ask? I would like to take this opportunity to check out the differences and also the advantages and disadvantages to the three main slipcover styles.For starters, why don't we discuss the relax fit slipcover style. Relax fit is just what it implies, an even more relaxed design style. The relax fit furniture slipcover has more fabric options. A lot of them are produced of heavy weight 100 % cotton. They are machine washable as well as many of these cotton slipcovers are protected with a cloth protector. This style is more loose-fitting and less tailored. There will typically be some fitting at the back and at the arm...