Sunday, February 5

Author: sharronbodiford


Brain Fitness Games

You are at the office, introducing a brand new employee to a co-worker, alpilean review plus you momentarily forget the name of theirs. Or you check out the market to pick up anything "urgent", plus you aimlessly wander the isles trying to keep in mind the reason why you are there. Seem familiar? As we age, we generally find our brains feeling less & less reliable in the daily lives of ours, and also at some point, perhaps we cross a threshold and momentarily worry that this could be a pattern. however, the true question is: What may we do to keep the brains of ours sharp?There are lots of things we can do to challenge our brains. We may possibly enlist ourselves in an advanced math course, or look at the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary from front to back, but neither of those options...