Monday, March 27

Author: SriEyeCare

Sri Eye Care is an ultra-modern eye care facility, with best-in-class technologies that provide medical care to patients of all age groups. Eye Hospital in Bangalore provides world-class Eye care treatment for your eye-related problems. They offer both surgery and general treatment, such as regular check-ups, and eye tests. We take care of our patient's eye problems and provide the best eye care solution to them. We help our patients and make sure that they have healthy vision.

Lasik Eye Surgery & its Benefits

In India, so many people wear contact lenses or glasses. Are you one of those people who like to wear contact lenses or glasses? Some people do. But you just feel the pain every day when you wear glasses or contacts that make you uncomfortable. Lasik eye surgery is the best solution to all your problems.                                                              Lasik Eye Surgery:  Lasik Eye Surgery is limited to the use of glasses and contact lenses. Many Lasik patients feel they have regained their vision after surgery. During LASIK surgery, doctors use a laser to make a small incision on the surface of the cornea. As a result, the surface of the cornea is covered with scales. You lift this flap after the incision. This allows the retina,  located at the back of the eye, to p...