Monday, March 20

Author: tyrellkohlmeier


Fact About Dr Oz Extreme Life Extension – Burn 700 Calories Without Exercise & Diet to Live Longer

Dr. Oz Now Discusses about Extreme Life Extension, talking about possibly living to be 120 or perhaps 150. Effectively, if you are residing Oprah's life, of course you would want to live to be 150. But if you busted your back at work 12 hours 1 day, would you quite finish the line at a normal age? Anyways, for most of us, we would like to live longer.Caloric RestrictionThere's a man in Oprah's audience whom Dr. Mehmet Oz claims can become the first man of history to live being 150 years old, and that is Joe Cordell. He's one of thousands across the world who believe they have discovered the key to extreme longevity, which in turn is calorie restriction. He believes that by consuming less and restricting your caloric intake, you are able to trigger a genetic switch that will slow aging. Joe...