Have you heard of Fat Burners or Thermogenics? You know? The diet pills that claim to help you to lose tone and weight up? You may have also used some kind of product together with the fancy packaging… Now when I say fancy presentation – I mean that’s all that’s’ fancy’ about many of these items!

You will see the majority of these have a tendency to come with bold statements & properly written flyers which tend to consist of ridiculous testimonials from a number of guy or maybe gal that lives half way across the other side of the planet – and might perhaps have never even used the product they are promoting!

What I started wondering was this: If this product turned out really well at’ melting fat’, or’ creating a sexier thinner you’ then the reason wasn’t it advertised by mainstream media? And why did I keep getting feedback from people like,’ I can’t tell if it’s working?’

Most likely because it was not operating at all – I was not just getting this feedback from others… I was getting this feedback from myself when trialing these products. Now read closely…

There’s a secret I wish to show you about these Fat Burners that the supplement business doesn’t want you to know… (This only applies to countries which do not have strict product regulations, along with New Zealand’s among them!)

The lean belly juice real Reviews secret: When a new product is put on the shelves of your local fitness or supermarket food store, it does not need to be tested or’ approved’ safe or effective by any particular authority. Which means unless the item contains a’ banned substance’ – it will be conveniently distributed as well as available to you – the unaware consumer.

Pretty scary isn’t it?

Are you feeling confused and maybe even slightly disappointed? I understand I was when I found these facts out!

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