Saturday, June 10

Grab as well as Go Healthy Breakfast: Zip Lock Omelet

Ever feel as you don’t have time which is enough in the morning to help make an excellent food choice? Do you frequently make poor choices? Did you’ve that muffin with a Grande latte, additional cream and a splash of flavored syrup? Well today I’d like to share with you a rapid grab and grow breakfast loaded with protein. This food choice is going to keep you on the right track to achieve a fantastic balance of womens fitness and diet.

This works great! A simple and mess free method to cook your omelets.

alpilean pillGo on a quart size Ziplock freezer bag and then:

Crack two eggs (extra-large or large) directly into the bag (not over two) shake to mix them.

Put your substances such as: low fat cheeses, tomato, green pepper, best weight loss supplement consumer reports ( onion, ham, etc. in and mix up well.

Make sure you get the air from the bag and zip it up.

Place the bag to rolling, water that is boiling for exactly thirteen minutes. You can often cook 6-8 omelets in a large pot. For even more, make another pot of boiling water.

Open the bags and the omelet will roll out easily. Be prepared to be astonished! Prepare them in front of put and time them in the refrigerator to ensure that you can grab one out and boil it, for a quick and healthy food.

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