Sunday, October 2

4 Foods That Are Harmful to Your Teeth and Your Health

Most people understand that there are foods that are bad for one’s overall health, foods that actually do more damage than good. These’re foods which have energy in them, but have very little worth with regards to nutrients, vitamins for teeth during pregnancy (speaking of) along with other nutrients which are great for the body and that promote overall health. Some of these foods may contain substances that promote disorders in the human body, and that we should all try to avoid.

Here are four foods to be avoided when it comes to your teeth along with your general health:

• Chocolate bars – most chocolate bars the likes of snickers are bad for the weight of yours and the teeth of yours. They have quite high sugar content and in addition have a great deal a of calories.

• Sweet carbonated cool beverages – these’re bad for ones teeth, as they contain a good deal of sugar. For instance, a glass of 1 of these drinks is said to contain up to five teaspoons 1 day, that is a great deal of sugar that’s entering the body.

• Potato chips – these have a great deal of calories and fat, and quite often they as well include rather a good deal of salt. They are terrible for the teeth of yours as they get caught in between your teeth as you chew, are loaded with energy and also have little benefit in terminology of food items that promote health in your body.

• Lemons – do not get me wrong, they are good if you’re eating them. But make certain you don’t suck on them, this is because they’re extremely acidic and they are going to erode the enamel of your teeth, particularly the front ones.

Avoid any food which dries your mouth. A good deal of medications usually dry out the mouth, for this reason you ought to drink a lot of water in case you are on medication which fries the mouth out.

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