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Bad Breath Remedy – Easy and Effective Herbal Treatments

Bad breath or perhaps halitosis in medical parlance, is unpleasant or foul smelling breath, which may be chronic or acute based on the cause. The idea of halitosis is coined by merging the Latin word for breathing (halitus) aided by the Greek suffix (osis), meaning situation.

The essential cause of halitosis in most men and women is the whitish covering which covers the surface area of the posterior portion of the tongue of theirs. A lot more exactly, the bacteria which flourish on this moist and warm covering of the tongue lead to bad breath.

What results in halitosis?

What leads to bad breath?

Ever stopped to wonder what causes halitosis?

# Certain medical conditions, such as sinus infections, menstruation, renal diseases, lung diseases, tonsillitis, cancer.

# The most popular type of bad breath is morning bad breath, which is a momentary ailment due to things including smoking, dry mouth, stress or hunger.

# Poor dental hygiene, which may provide food debris to decay within the jaws.

# Consumption of various kinds of foods with strong odour can cause transient halitosis, like garlic, onions or tobacco.

Some other causes of halitosis include –

Symptoms of bad breath –

Signs of bad breath –

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How to avoid bad breath?

Home cure for bad breath –

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