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Dietary Supplement For Pain Causes Serious Side Effects

Regrettably, not all labels can be trusted. In 2012, the FDA issued alerts to everyone concerning a so called dietary supplement marketed under the names Reumofan and WOW. The solution is created as a treatment for muscle pain, arthritis, bone cancer and other conditions impacting on the musculoskeletal system.

The product is sold as a dietary supplement. By and large, dietary supplements contain natural ingredients. Reumofan/WOW is marketed as an all natural product; its website lists curcumin, calcium, white willow, vitamins and magnesium among its ingredients. However, in accordance with the FDA, the supplement really contains prescription medications, including a corticosteroid, an NSAID plus a muscle relaxer.

The FDA was given “a number” of reports of negative side effects from individuals that took the above product or service. A lot of these unwanted side effects were serious: liver injury, stroke, bleeding as well as death. It is very likely that some of these occurrences resulted from interactions with medications patients were right now taking that were given by doctors. Since the product is sold as a dietary supplement, individuals do not have to obtain doctor consent to get it.

Nutritional supplements sold as healthy seem safe; patients probably would not think about taking a supplement with medications, or using much more of a supplement than recommended. The case of Reumofan highlights one thing that’s correct for all supplements, even natural ones: overdoses as well as drug interactions may be possible.

Although the FDA has given several warnings to the maker of Reumofan to stop marketing the product, it is still available for purchase online. The lack of energy that is adequate in governmental agencies to protect consumers from harmful goods attests to the monumental need for patients to take matters into their own hands. As a patient, it’s important to discuss with your doctor any supplements you intend on taking and to do your own research.

While we await decisive action by the FDA to power down the sale of the harmful device, they advise that people stay away from buying any item with Riger Naturals S.A. is printed on the container. This is the company which manufactures Reumofan.

The 2012 report on Reumofan by the FDA could be found for

protetox founderA product protetox is it a scam, Suggested Studying, not necessarily safe simply because you are able to obtain it without using a prescription. The sad thing is, there are folks happy to turn the health condition of yours into a profit margin with no a lot of concern for the effects. Considering the limits of recent regulatory mechanisms, patients cannot count on governmental agencies to ensure the security of their health products, whether prescription or perhaps non-prescription medication is involved. Keep up-to-date on the latest recalls, warnings and possible interactions

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