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Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?

The answer to the question “Does Medicare cover dental?” is simultaneously complicated and direct. Simply speaking, you ought to expect to pay for hundred % of the dental services you receive. Medicare doesn’t cover any routine dental procedures as fillings, extractions, cleanings, checkups or dentures.

The complicating factor lies in a department of the Social Security Act which allows Medicare to cover services associated with the periodontium (gums) along with alveolar bone structures (tooth sockets). The service type provided and which physical structures are involved is going to be the qualifying items to find out if Medicare will cover all or a part of those expenses. It is not connected with the merits of tooth care neither on the necessity of the methods. While this might cause some confusion, it is obvious that your day dentist appointment vitamins for teeth & gums – Related Homepagregular or preventive dental care is not covered by Medicare.

Some of the treatments which Medicare will cover include:

It does not matter if a dental procedure is done at the dentist’s office or in the medical facility. If a dental procedure is covered, Medicare covers the treatment regardless of where it’s performed.

A few dental procedures are covered by private supplemental Medicare insurance. In these circumstances, you certainly need to confer with your insurance provider to make clear the coverage. Usually the particular treatment, including tooth extraction, may easily be covered but the dentures or follow-up care will be excluded.

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