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Good Oral Hygiene Should be Taught Early to Save Your Child’s Teeth

Good oral health must begin when your child is an infant. Health habits trained timely will continue to offer benefits throughout your child’s life. But without appropriate attention and care, even babies and young children can develop serious and painful dental disease. Pediatric dentistry is essential to the and wellness of your little one.

Probably the most common cause of the teeth damage in little children is not accidents or accidents, however, it is a condition referred to as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD), a pattern of severe and rapid tooth decay in babies and toddlers. Make sure you don’t allow the name Baby Bottle Tooth Decay mislead you as it’s a disorder which even entails food which is stable that your child takes in along with extremely harmful sugary foods, like candy and dessert foods. The 3 components needed for an infant or maybe small child’s tooth decay are teeth, plaque and foods/beverages with very high sugar and starches.

Even infants with brand-new baby teeth have plaque, that is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria which constantly forms on the surface of the tooth. When plaque comes in contact with high sugar and sweets, the bacteria in plaque creates acids that attach and dissolve the tooth enamel. This breakdown of enamel is what results in the development of a cavity.

Every time your baby or maybe child which is young consumes sugary or sweet foods or water, the acids generated by the plaque attack the infant teeth. After numerous attacks by these acids, cavities can start to form. What surprises the majority of young parents is that the liquids that are great vitamins for healthy teeth and bones (Click To See More) the infant of yours as milk, formula, breast milk, and fruit juices all carry some type of sugars in varying amounts. These nourishing liquids can in fact help the development of cavities in the kids of yours. The sugary water gather around your baby’s teeth and gums, and the high sugar acts as an energy supply for the bacteria which make the acids that attack tooth and create cavities.

But tooth decay in infants and young kids might be prevented. Parents should be particularly mindful about what they feed their children. Many parents will use a bottle or milk to pacify their infant at naptime and bedtime; however, the sugary water pool on the teeth as well as gums, putting up the formation of cavities. The most effective way to avoid tooth decay is almost always to fit a child to bed without having a container because while your baby sleeps, the purely natural saliva flow is decrease as well as the body does not wash away the sugary liquid. This enables plaque buildup. Instead try the following:

· A security blanket, pacifier or teddy bear

· Music

· Rocking

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