Sunday, September 25

Have you been Unknowingly Sabotaging The Weight Loss Efforts of yours With Toxic Choices?

In a well-intentioned attempt to get rid of excess body and weight fat, many men and women make choices that unknowingly end up sabotaging their efforts and so they have difficulty with poor success as well as end up on a roller coaster of short-term excess weight loss followed by gaining everything back.

Now we have more diet books, extra weight management plans, more weight loss supplements and fat burners, more diet meals, more fat free and low fat foods, much more sugar-free foods, much more low-calorie foods, far more gyms, far more trainers, extra exercise and cooking shows on television, plus more surgeries dealing with the consequences of excess weight and fat than in the past.

But, there’s a problem. We’ve a significantly more overweight population than any other time in our history. Worse yet, our rates of chronic illness are sky rocketing out of control. Diseases of lifestyle such as excessive weight, anxiety disorders, depression, digestive disorders, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, reproductive along with fertility disorders, learning and attention disorders, chronic fatigue and chronic pain, are on the rise with each passing year.

Something is not adding up. We are fatter and sicker.

If we’ve been making decisions that are allegedly great for us, as the diet regime and low calorie decisions we see sold to us, then shouldn’t we be a healthier and slimmer population?

There is something lacking. The key component that is becoming increasingly ignored when making “weight loss” choices is Health. Sounds too easy? I wish to explain.

The cells of ours have innate requirements for a healthy expression. If we supply the right ingredients, we meet the requirements of the cells plus we’ve a healthy, balanced, optimal expression. If we don’t meet the requirements or maybe we consistently expose our cells to a dangerous environment, we will not have a normal outcome.

Anytime a toxic stimulus is introduced, a complex response known as the physiological stress response is set up. This is a neurological, chemical, best metabolism booster amazon (please click the next page) hormonal response including the brain, the nervous system and each alternate phone system, organ, tissue and cell of the whole body. It’s perfect in short-term, acute situations. It is harmful if the stimuli become chronic as it immediately plays a role in every chronic illness mentioned.

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