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Know the Most effective way to Cure Bad Breath Problem

Halitosis – medically known as halitosis – is an extremely embarrassing problem which is in fact contained in most people over the planet today. A person suffering from bad breath can often develop into a subject of ridicule. Hence it’s really important to eliminate this issue. However, there are many products on the market ranging from toothpastes to mouth fresheners, however, they can only provide temporary help to the problem. Ayurveda has the risk to solve the trouble from its roots.

The mouth certainly is the place of the kapha dosha. Thus an asymmetry in the kapha dosha of the person manifests itself in the form of bad breath. To cure the problem of poor odor forever, someone is going to need to keep his/her kapha in the proper sense of balance. In the majority of instances, dental hygiene is spoken together with dental hygiene. Hence most treatments that are helpful for the teeth may also be useful for keeping mouth odors at bay.

In an indirect way, including the pitta dosha is liable. If the agni (digestive fire) of the pitta dosha is vitiated, then the individual will have a poor digestion. This would cause bad breath emanating from the jaws.

When a particular person has bad breath, what is really occurring is that bacteria are living in the mouth, which are decomposing the residues of the food and releasing sulfur. The bad breath is a result of this liberation of sulfur. The areas in which the bacteria live might remain in the interspaces in between the teeth, in the cavities of the teeth and even on the tongue. In extreme cases, there may be pus formation in the gums (scurvy like conditions because of deficiency of vitamin C). This may bring about severe offensive odor as well as the individual can potentially well become a social outcast.

Let us take a look at the different methods available in Ayurveda to treat the problem of lousy odor.

(1) Useful Herbs in dealing with Bad Breath

(1) Useful Herbs in treating Bad Breath

® Babul (Acacia arabica)

The babul is really useful vitamins for healthy teeth and bones (mouse click the following web site) the healing of teeth cavities. Strong tooth means significantly less cavities; and this will mean no bad breath. Just chewing on the new bark of the babul tree will make the teeth stronger and arrest any bad breath or halitosis which is emanating from them.

(2) Dietary Treatments for Bad Breath

(3) Ayurvedic Treatments for Bad Breath

(4) Home Medications

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