Monday, September 26

Using Dietary Supplements to Cure Tinnitus

protetox founderThere’s no scientific proof that dietary supplements are able to cure tinnitus there are many however, which claim that dietary supplements help to considerably decrease the level of the ring in the ears of theirs to a livable level.

Several of these supplements include:


Zinc is central to the mineral required for the proper functioning of cellular processes including, the healing of injuries, maintenance of the immune system, protetox affiliate program cellular division, together with the senses of taste and smelling. Zinc is found predominantly in the cochlea in the inner ear (the fine hairs on the nerve endings of the inner ear that senses audio vibrations) as well as in the auditory paths of the human brain. Zinc is also a necessary component of the enzymes necessary for the regular functioning of these areas.

Be aware there are risks of taking too much zinc, exceeding day allowances for a long time can weaken the immune system, lead to side hits such as disruption of coordination, nausea, and copper imbalance. If taking zinc supplements, take it separately from various other minerals such as, copper, calcium, and iron as they can interfere with the absorption of the zinc.

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