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Women’s Health – How Does Pregnancy Affect Your teeth and Gums?

Pregnancy is definitely a beautiful moment in a woman’s life, however hormonal changes happen in our body which alters its normal behavior. This is the reason why it is important for us women to take proper care of our gums and teeth while we’re pregnant. These hormonal changes increase the chance of developing gum illness since it makes gums much more sensitive, which makes it easier best supplement for tooth infection – – gingivitis to develop, which can affect the health of the unborn baby.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

It’s very typical to have pregnancy gingivitis, displaying and uncomfortable swelling, bleeding, redness or softness in the gum tissue. A more advanced oral health issue (periodontal disease) may also have an effect on the health of the baby of yours. Research has shown that an expectant mom suffering from periodontal disease might send a premature, very low birth weight baby. As a question of reality, these pregnant girls may be 7 times more prone to use a child that is born smaller and earlier the typical, which might enhance the chance for future health issues and disabilities.

Scaling and Root Planning

Scaling as well as Root Planning

If you are expecting as well as receive a confident diagnose for periodontal disease, our dentist recommends a common non-surgical procedure called scaling as well as root planning. With this particular action the root of the tooth of yours or maybe teeth are deeply cleaned to remove plaque, bacterial waste and tartar, this could limit the danger of getting premature or perhaps low weighted births. Additionally, this procedure should decrease lots of the pregnancy gingivitis symptoms.

Here are some tips for women that are pregnant to follow:

Here are some suggestions for pregnant women to follow:

Routine Checkups

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