When Stanley Burroughs, an alternative medicine specialist, invented the Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse Diet) more than 60 years ago, he never thought that the plan of his will stand the test of time and be so effective for such a long time. This simple, yet so efficient, weight loss plan includes only 3 basic ingredients, which when combined together offer huge overall health advantages.

Down below we will discuss briefly the components used in the first lemonade diet from Stanley Burroughs, after which describe the ingredients used in the new Lemonade Diet Pill which has been just recently launched to the market to enable you to detoxify and lose up to seventeen pounds in two days.

First of all, as we know, the first master purify lemon diet is a juice fasting technique that demands you to drink ONLY a liquid concoction made with fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper (mixed all together with distilled water). The diet should last for 10-days minimum and no other food is allowed. Its purpose is cleansing the body from many years of accumulated toxins and bad bacteria, and to lose some weight quickly along the way.

The 3 fundamental ingredients of the initial diet are as following:

Ingredients of Original Lemonade Diet Plan

Ingredients of Original Lemonade Diet Plan

The Lemon ikaria lean belly juice google reviews; go to website, (from fleshly squeezed lemons) is the primary ingredient in the original diet, and stands out as the popular chemical used to clean the toxins, remove the fat, dissolve mucus and bad bacteria in the intestines and also to enhance the immune system.

The Maple Syrup is liable to provide the required nutrients during the fasting period. Full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber etc, Maple Syrup is going to be your main source of energy throughout the diet time.

Cayenne Pepper, belonging to the Capsicum family of herbs, has terrific health benefits. Its healing abilities, antioxidants and micronutrients are just a tiny portion of the advantages offered by cayenne pepper. The primary objective of its, nevertheless, in the lemonade diet is to increase metabolism and also improve circulation. This can help tremendously in the fat loss part of this particular diet.

Ingredients of the Lemonade Diet Pill Supplement

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