Wednesday, March 22

Made Moving – Exercise Is important for Optimal Health

Exercise is able to decrease you risk of heart disorders, increase the energy levels of yours, improve the mood of yours as well as self confidence, improve the memory of yours, help you rest better, and delay the process of aging. But almost all people still find a great deal of excuses to not exercise. This seems to be especially true in the church, best weight loss supplements (investigate this site) in which devotion to exercise is generally mistaken for vanity. The truth is that Scripture encourages us to participate in activity that is physical in exercise. Taking into consideration the numerous advantages of training, it’s evident God created us to be active, that we were created Moving.

Many folks are comfortable with one Corinthians 6:10-20, in which the Apostle Paul exhorts us to take care of our bodies.

alpilean pillsWhile many have heard this verse used to instruct we need to stay away from promiscuity, alcohol, tobacco and drugs, it’s rare that we are taught this verse isn’t just a warning to avoid these activities, but is an exhortation being assertive in caring for our bodies. We’ve got to ensure we keep our bodies in top condition at all times. That means that we’re glorifying God both with the meals we eat to fuel our bodies, but additionally that we’re to engage in exercise that is physical. Actually, in his very first letter to Timothy, Paul says:


Exercise Produces “Miracle Grow” For Your Brain

Exercise Improves Mental and cognitive Function

Physical exercise Improves Mood

Exercise Reduces Stress

Exercise Is an Antidote For Depression


Physical exercise Boosts Energy as well as Fights Fatigue

Exercise Aids in preventing Cardiovascular Disease

Exercise Has a Cholesterol Lowering Effect

Exercise Helps Prevent and Control Type two Diabetes

Physical exercise Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Exercise Is actually Associated with a reduced Risk of Cancer

Exercise May Decrease the Risk of Stroke

Exercise Increases Bone Strength

Exercise Strengthens Your Immune System

Physical exercise Will help you Sleep Better

Physical exercise Can Improve your Sex Life

Physical exercise Can help Reduce Back Pain

Exercise Has Gastrointestinal Tract Benefits

Physical exercise is a substitute to Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women


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