Wednesday, May 31

Mini-Meals & Metabolic Rates – Fact Or Fitness Myth?

It is time to shatter another fitness myth. Simply this week, I got a different one of those newsletters from a “fitness expert” with the second headline:

“Mini Meals To Accelerate Your Metabolism” which included this content:

“Mini Meals To Increase The Metabolism” of yours

“Have you heard that in order to Speed up the metabolism of yours, you need to be eating more OFTEN? eating every 2 or three hours… your metabolic rate is FIRED As many as it is highest speed)…”    

Undoubtedly you’ve heard this exact same information from a number of directions for decades.

But can there be truth to this that has now become “conventional weight loss wisdom”?

Or even might it be a workout myth waiting to be reduced through for info we can actually use?

Here is The Question of mine: Do mini-meals fire up your “metabolism” (we need to use the phrase “metabolic rate” anyways – “metabolism” is certainly so vague a term, even though it drives all forms of warm buttons).

Here is My Question:



“metabolic rate”

Let us place it one other way – in case you are working to “recomposition” the body of yours to get a lower fat-to-muscle ratio, could it be a beneficial process to spread your food for the day out to multiple “mini feeds”?


can there be evidence to support the prescription of multiple small meals daily instead of fewer, larger meals with regards to inspiring a metabolic process response that could impact weight?


Thus, Why is it that I Keep getting Those Emails From “Pros” About Optimal “Metabolism” & Mini Meals?



Evidently all of it comes out the same how lose 10 pounds in one week ( the wash.

No increase

marketing madness

Am I Suggesting To STOP The Mini Meal Schedule?

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