Sunday, January 29

Myths, lies as well as Propaganda About Exercise

Throughout the career of mine in the military I’ve discovered an assortment of tall tales about exercise and eating. The scope of misinformation is so fantastic that you would think we had been dealing with Cold War propaganda. In case a lie is told often enough it is treated as the reality. Here are some of the myths, propaganda as well as lies about exercise.

Exercise MYTH # 1: The best time to exercise is in the morning, because it jump-starts your metabolism.

The TRUTH: Exercise anywhere, anytime.

The best weight loss pills canada (click the following web page) time to exercise is the time period that fits the schedule of yours. Which could be morning, noon or nighttime. The enemy would like to rob you of any consideration of flexibility therefore you simply surrender and do not exercise adequate. Morning exercise is going to expedite the wake-up process, and you will feel energized. Mid-day physical exercise is going to energize and refresh you and help you overcome that afternoon grogginess. Nighttime exercise is a great stress management tool that is going to get that blood circulation back up so you are really infused with the energy to enjoy the evening much more. Almost any morning as opposed to evening metabolism, distinction is insignificant compared to the general benefit of exercising. It’s propaganda out of the enemy. This misconception is busted.

Exercise MYTH # 2: If you do not exercise, muscle will turn into fat.

The TRUTH: Muscle does not and can’t turn to fat.

What a number of hogwash! The Wizard of Oz might be ready turning muscle to fat, but that is a fairytale, and the Tooth Fairy won’t have the ability to help you on this one! Snap from it, Soldier! Fat can’t and does not use muscle, and muscle can’t and doesn’t turn to fat! Here’s what exactly does happen. You melt away fat and build muscle Or maybe you lose muscle and gain fat. Get that some other propaganda out of the head of yours!

Exercise MYTH #3: Running a mile burns up extra calories than walking a mile. The TRUTH: Both walking and running a mile burn the same quantity of calories.

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