Stop eating sugar – idea which is good, is not it? But how many people attempted to change the lifestyle of theirs drastically, and how many succeeded? A lot of them lasted only a few days, in addition to miserably failed, returning to their old eating habits. What’s the problem? Why is it really amazingly tricky to give up eating sweets, even if you really want it?

The problem is in approach which is wrong to sugar free diet. You need to treat it as a lifestyle instead of as a diet plan. You should accept the changes on a permanent basis, not as a temporary fix. The best way to do it is to take it slow. To move with baby steps. This way you will avoid strong sugar cravings and problems which usually accompany sugar “withdrawal”: mood swings, weed detox drink (look at this now) deficiency of electricity, headaches, irritability and others. Of course, it won’t be fast, and it won’t provide fast results, but this is the only way to go through the detoxification process stress free.

So, if you are seriously interested in starting a new, sugar-free life, take a very first step right now. Do not wait for Monday, or just for the first of the next month… start today!

Come up with a comprehensive plan of the detoxification program of yours. Be realistic once you set your objectives, and don’t be very hard on yourself. When making a scheme, keep in your head that it may improve as you progress, therefore don’t be absolute in following the schedule.

Reduce eating of one of the most caloric and sweetest meals. Allow it to be a chocolate bar you consume every single day. Instead, for 7 days consume it every alternative day, next week eat only one time, and the next 2 days cross it out of your diet completely. Hence, you will reduce your daily intake for: 28g of sugar, 266 calories as well as 11g of fat (amount contained in one Snickers bar). Not terrible at all, plus you do not have some blood and cravings sugar swings, as you are going really gradually. You allow your body get accustomed to a new high sugar degree in a natural manner, without stressing it out.

The following month, take an additional food loaded with unwanted sugars as well as calories: whether it is your morning muffin, day soda, or perhaps favorite dressing. Yes, dressings, ketchups and sauces are incredibly rich in sugars which are refined that we would like to eradicate – check my list of foods that are unexpectedly high in sugar. Walk the same path with this service. In case you believe you can handle it, work from two products at a time, or reduce the time to do away with one food – it’s up for you. You know the organism of yours, you see how it reacts to the changes, plus you’re to decide what path to take and which pace is best for you. But remember one rule: don’t come back.

You are going to find it much easier in case you replace the foods you remove with anything more wholesome, particularly if it has a sweet flavor, too: Snickers bar – with a fruit, soda – with flavored mineral water, dressing – with olive oil, etc.

As you gradually clean your diet from bad items, keep track on the to-do list of yours, or plan you created. Check the objectives you attained, the people which you missed as well as do some analyzing: are you moving way too rapidly? Or you could can do it faster, and spend less time reaching the goals of yours? Tweak the plan of yours accordingly, and move on the track of yours to healthy, sugar-free existence.

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