Tuesday, May 30

The 2008 Top 10 Weight Loss Myths

Check with the physician of yours before beginning a workout or weight reduction program.

To be a professional personal fitness trainer, I listen to misinformation regarding how to lose weight every day. There are too many examples to list and alpilean reviews guarantee (our website) a slew of completely new myths and products always appear every year around New Year’s Day. Usually, they are marketed with half truths about the usefulness of their programs. None of these programs or products talks about lasting weight loss…because they would go from business. 

It’s the duty of mine to inform my clients to be able to achieve long lasting weight loss dependent on exercise science and lead them from fad diet programs, misinformation and ineffective items.

The reality is that there is a distinction between weight loss and body fat loss. Many of us look at the weighing machine which reflects our total body weight but this doesn’t take into consideration the whole body fat lost. For those holding a trend diet without having an exercise program the whole weight loss number on the weighing machine doesn’t indicate whether you have shed muscle. The point is that a loss of muscle mass is going to decrease the metabolic rate of yours as well as affect your body’s ability to have long lasting fat loss.

Losing excess weight and preventing it off is 100 % possible when we’re wide open minded, willing to apply ourselves to an application based on exercise science and stay away from the excess weight loss myths.

Here are The 2008 Top ten Weight Loss Myths and reasons why they do not work, aren’t healthy, short-run and how they can cause a cycle of more fat gain.



10. Myth: Eating a NO fat diet…Learn to differentiate good fats from poor fats…e.g. no trans fat vs. good polyunsaturated oils found in fish oil. Good fats are a high density energy source, make us really feel full longer and therefore are crucial for cellular processes.  Total low fat diet should be a component of a complete fat reduction program..

Consuming a NO fat diet

a eating

NO carbohydrate diet.

Working abs for dull tummy

Wearing plastic gear like pants or shirts to promote weight loss.

Working as well as fasting out

Depending on a gym or special equipment to lose weight.

Not sufficient time to begin a program: 


High Repetitions vs. Low Repetitions

Cardio workouts lasting more that 60 minutes.

Believing your happiness depends on how much you weigh.

will promote weight loss

15-20 minute total body workouts ahead of your cardio:



Rest and Recovery:


Very long TERM

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