Tuesday, June 6

The Fat Burners – Appetite Suppresants PART two

In continuation of Part one of this article, we’re looking at the available food supplements that have the attributes of being does blueberry juice reduce belly fat; www.margoo-schrijft.nl, burners, appetite suppressants, and energy boosters.

So, the following are some more for you to think about losing weight fast!

Tea (Green Tea)

Green tea is similar as black tea, just their method of preparation varies. Black tea was prepared for long storage without fear of spoiling. Green tea is basically fresh, and should be consumed not only after harvesting.

Green tea extract, when brewed, releases two important chemicals groups; polyphenols and catchins.

The result of these two chemical groups is they stimulate the generation of norepinephrine in the human body, which signals in the body to give off energy from stored extra fat, as well as boost energy (muscle) ranges.

Hoodia Gordonii

Included in the media today for a few years, Hoodia Gordonii may be the famous plant eaten by the bushmen of South Africa to suppress the hunger of theirs when food is sparce.

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