Diet supplements have invaded the market nowadays, promising to enable you to slim down as well as give results in just days. If you look closely at the components of these supplements, you will find that green tea is a very common ingredient found among these products. Green tea extract and weight loss are believed to go hand in hand, where green tea extract helps burn fat and increase metabolism. But how powerful is green tea extract in promoting a healthy weight reduction?

New frontier in weight loss

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that there is a correlation between green tea as well as fat loss. Those that drink green tea or perhaps take green tea extracts enjoy a faster metabolism and lean belly juice,, fat oxidation. One of the issues would be that green tea has caffeine – an ingredient that could be used for weight reduction. However, scientists have also discovered the effects of green tea go way outside of that of the results of the caffeine content of its.

More than merely caffeine

Experiments analyzing the result of caffeine have discovered that caffeine alone is not enough to sufficiently affect metabolism and fax oxidation.

Meanwhile, regular consumption of green tea extract has resulted in a 4 % basic surge in 24 hour energy expenditure, allowing consumers to burn up body fat faster.

Other effects

Apart from a faster metabolism, green tea has some other benefits:

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