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Walking, Water, in addition to Weight Watchers: The 3 W’s for Weight Loss

I’ve been seriously working on losing weight for about 2 1/2 months and a lot of people have asked me what I’m doing to be very successful. I reply, “The three W’s for weight loss!” Needless to say they don’t know what the three W’s of losing weight are so I quickly let them know, “Walking, Water, and Weight Watchers.” I know this isn’t a system which will work for everyone though it sure is working for me! Water is a vital substance required by everyone, hiking is a great form of exercise, and Weight Watchers is a world famous weight loss business that has helped millions of men and women slim down and keep it off for good.


Walking is a feel great calorie burning exercise which nearly all of us happen to be doing for the vast majority of the lives of ours. Aside from a pair of walking shoes and comfy clothing, it does not require any other equipment, so the cost it right! But the most impressive aspect of walking is most likely the health benefits it provides. Walking is doesn’t hurt joints and also eases back pain in several individuals. It’s the capability to lower blood pressure, lower levels of cholesterol, decrease the risk of diabetes as well as heart disorders, build muscle and strengthen bones, alpilean reviews and of course it leads to loss of weight! Attempt to walk at least 10,000 steps each day!

I’ve lost 24 1/2 pounds so far but apart from the weight loss, walking every day allows me to psychologically unwind and I feel that it lowers my stress levels. The ironic thing is the fact that the more I walk, the better my body as well as mind appear to crave it. Walking has become an extremely healthy habit for me


A recent study indicated that after drinking 17oz. of drinking water, both males & women experienced a 30 % increase in their metabolic rate that lasted for about 40 minutes.

A few weeks ago, I quit drinking soda and replaced it with water. I can already feel a difference in the skin tone of mine not to mention it is helping with the weight loss endeavors of mine because it fills me up and I am less apt to overeat. Drinking water daily is definitely a habit today and I feel far better due to it! Drink eight, 8oz. glasses of drinking water daily to boost your fat loss efforts!

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