Friday, June 2

Weight Diet and Loss Pills And Supplements – Gimmicks Or otherwise?

“Take the blue pill…take the red pill…?”… recall the line?

“Take the azure pill…take the red pill…?”… remember the series?

These are the very first words uttered… the film line is taken from The Matrix (1999). The context of the statement is that “Neo” (Keanu Reeves) is dwelling in a world of controlled belief. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), the captain of the “movement” in the film, is leading young Neo by way of a wild ride in “reality” vs. belief. As with the movie it is my job, as a personal trainer, to steer individuals with a trip in perception.

Even in “real-life” it seems that we, as depicted in this movie, only believe that taking a tablet can give us all the solutions to our needs. The question of mine to help you is…”Do you believe all the issues of yours may be solved by capturing a pill?” Do you really think that answers are available from pills or ikaria lean belly juice return address (Read Alot more) do you feel that answers originate from personal responsibility? I guess the real question is…”Do you believe in prevention or “cure”?

Besides the quirky video comparison… What’s the perspective of yours as connected with health and fitness, fitness, and better living? Does better living come from better pharmacology? Sure…I guess large numbers of lives are saved from disease, illness, and genetic failures. Do we accept responsibility for the conduct of ours which contributes directly to health that is bad and fitness? Are most risk factors for illness lifestyle induced? Even when the hottest weight loss pill did work – Is it going to work life-long? What exactly are the risks related to many of the latest weightloss pills? Virtually any pill we take has a “side-effect” attached to its use in individuals that are many. It seems people are ready to pay basically anything to get their hands on the hottest diet pill, or maybe weight loss gimmick out there. Worse – prescription medications are passed out such as candy to a huge selection of thousands of obese folks. As most people know many of these medications have proven to be quite risky, even deadly.

I estimate many of the concerns and frustrations I get from people relevant to fitness, exercise, and preventative activity, could be traced back to one very important and essential question: Are we a solution driven culture or maybe a prevention driven society? Will it make sense that the newest carbo-blocker, fat burner or perhaps fat loss pill is going to reverse years of poor living? Do you really think that the personal responsibility of yours is usually absolved by a pill?

Lets’ take the normal model of “dieting” for example: one system works this way, you’re taking several pills in the morning – have a health shake in the evening, chug down another handful of pills by late evening, and consume a boxed, pre-portioned, specialized dinner at night. OK. – What goes on when you decide to go off this diet program? I guess all of the spectacular results just vanish entirely! Without a doubt, they tell you to have this particular product, then that product…then hold the breath of yours for 10 seconds while jumping up and down…ok…ok, I am getting carried away – I am aware. The point is; if you have to draw the special pills and perform the special diet you just will not undertake it for long – that’s why it is called a weight loss program. The name itself assures the individual that it is a thing that you begin and stop! No, friends – better living is not something you start and stop, it’s something you gain from whenever you accept responsibility for the proper care of your body and health.

So what’s the answer? Well, the answer of mine is to ask yourself some really important questions.

One; Do you think that individual responsibility supersedes a cure all (diet pill)?

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