Sunday, June 4

What’s Weight reduction Anyway?

I’m writing this post because of a common misconception. Most individuals are not familiar with the definition of weight loss. They don’t know the reason why they would like to drop some weight. Some individuals have serious health issues but for a vast majority of people losing weight is a matter of beauty and fashion. I know you’ve your very own reasons for reducing your weight but ensure your reason is crisp and clear enough to provide you a definite path.

9 out of 10 girls are trying to drop some weight each day. Ladies are usually depressed about their improved weight. For teenagers, weight loss is a matter of day-to-day fashion, not much of a health issue. So, what is fat loss? Is it a fashion or even a health issue?

I know you’ve been trying to drop some weight for some time. Your physician suggested that you should do dieting to get some fat off. How do you tell whether you are overweight or not?

Last week a customer requested this question to me:

“I have a BMI of 24. I am healthy and happy. Would you think I should lose weight?”

This particular issue got me into thinking. If somebody is following a normal life, there is no need to lose weight. In medical terms, when your doctor alpilean reviews ebay ( invites you to slim down he wants you to avoid these diseases:

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