For starters — let’s make certain we realize what “detoxification” is. Detoxification is the removal of toxic things from the body.

testclear 5-day detoxBreathing:

We consume the gas oxygen by breathing. Blood in capillaries run next to the lungs and get this specific oxygen, then travel across the one-way street capillaries and deliver it to cells. The cells provide the blood co2 (which is a by-product waste of cellular activity), that takes it to the lungs, which breathe it out.

This is detoxification — and you are doing it together with your every breath.

Then — let’s find out how chlorophyll operates to detoxify your body:

Exactly how chlorophyll detoxifies:

Chlorophyll functions during digestion both in order to detoxify the body of yours of existing toxins (which are poisons produced by certain plants, animals, and bacteria) and to prevent absorption of even more harmful toxins. Here is how:


Some cholorophyll is absorbed into the blood stream during digestion. Among the stops of its within the body is the liver, where it encourages the liver’s washing and carcinogen neutralizing actions – by raising the action of the Phase II detoxification enzymes.

The simple yet effective method to provide all that maintenance? Wheatgrass.

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