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Why Covid Vaccine Importance for Pregnant Women

Covid-19, the pandemic has shaken the entire globe for nearly 2 and a half years. Every people of a different age group are at risk depending on the wave of infection. 


Pregnant Women and the older age group are at higher risk of being affected by Covid-19. 


Coronavirus, a novel virus, has shown its severity of infection and mutation of the virus. Covid-19 damaged different organ parts of the human body and drastically reduced the immune system. 


As the immune system is greatly affected thus, worsening the affection and increased severity of infection have been worsening. 


Thanks to scientists and advanced technical equipment! The vaccine with greater efficacy is developed to fight against the novel virus. 


But as the mutation continues, the situation has not been wiped out yet. 


Presently the vaccine is helping us avoid the infection severity and limiting the damage caused to our immune system. 


Vaccination Is The Only Option To Stop The Wave


Vaccinated people are less likely to experience high infection. 


Vaccines are rolled out in the open market, and people have enough awareness to enrol themselves on vaccination. 


The vaccine trial is conducted on the volunteers of men and women of different age groups to determine vaccine efficiency. 


Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not taken into the trial at first as they are riskier. 


The immediate boosting of immunity to the yet-to-born and newborn(indirectly) child may end up in miscarriage. 


In the 1st wave, the coronavirus had great dominance over the age group of 45 to 60. Fortunately, Lactating women are unaffected. 


The roll-out of the uncontrollable 2nd wave highly affected everyone, including Pregnant women, and the situation has been out of our hands. 


It showed us how we handled the situation and realized the importance of vaccination. 


Severity of Infection And Vaccination


The severity of the virus spread forced the responsible key persons to start vaccination trials in pregnant women. 


Vaccinating the lactating woman is vital as the infection affects both growing newborns and women. The trial observed any changes in the carrying of the unborn child after the vaccination. 


The vaccine does not influence, and no changes are observed in the carrying other than the normal complications. The sudden changes in vaccine guidelines created doubts in the minds of pregnant women. 


The chaos and misunderstanding are spread like fire. Common people are in the biggest dilemma regarding their take on vaccination. 


Also adding to Coronavirus, the Nipah virus is making its impact. 


The disaster rescue team of the healthcare is worried, and the framework is in the draft to have complete control over the spread of the mutating virus


Take Your Vaccination Now


We strongly believe recommend pregnant women take the vaccination as soon as possible. 


It is the duty of stakeholders from the healthcare industry to create awareness of the vaccine’s effectiveness and how it safeguards lactating women.


As the immunity and antibodies booster does not affect the carriage of the growing newborn, the vaccination program has been rolling out everywhere. 


Volunteer and educate your beloved ones to take vaccination to fight against the novel virus. Vaccinate Now To Keep You and Your Family Safe. 

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